Accurate pics of the Church!

Today’s reading came from Acts 4:32-38…I was amazed to see how far the church has come from this..These people were obviously doing it the correct way..They were an answer to the prayer of Our Lord when He prayed the church, His followers be ONE! No division was in this church..which…well, is more than I can say for the church today..I hear so many people in complete opposition with the leader “They chose”to be their pastor and not only that but with the word Of God..yet we say “this is the church”!

No, this picture..the one we get in this segment of acts is “The Church” the bible says they were a multitude..more than 3,000….more than 5,000 ….and all those people were …On One accord…(Shut your mouth)..They were believing the same thing and weren’t questioning what this one or that one was doing..and if someone said they had a need…The church stepped up to meet it!


The church still steps up to meet needs today let me just say..but not to this degree..where we give up the things that are near and dear to us like our property..Nah, don’t ask us to sell property and we can’t keep the proceeds..We like to think everything we have is ours although if we died today none of it would be coming with us..We like to claim our stuff and the fact that it’s nobody else’s…that money we earn at’s ours ..we went to school and got the degree…therefore that nice homeless person will sit in it to make it smell.. even our children can’t bring food in it..I am amazed at these things..things that are temporal didn’t matter to this church..because I believe they had a concept maybe we don’t quite get today..God Is Provider! Not the things we have!


The bible says none of them had lack in this church…then why is it that people are coming into our churches and contacting the church saying they are homeless and have children and we tell them..I’m sorry to hear it, and I’ll be praying for you! I see this everyday ya’ll… It calls for a great deal of courage to be the real church..that means that the single mother..has “the village” who actually care about helping her bear the responsibility! I wonder …if one day we could get back to an accurate picture of the church!


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