For God or man

Today the essential reading was just as powerful as yesterday, I will try putting them together since I started writing but had to stop on yesterday…
Obviously the church is in full operation.
Everyone is growing together..
Selling their property and giving the proceeds to the church when Ananias and Saphira decide to lie keeping a portion of the money back.. being killed on the spot, the church stood in awe and knew to reverence God by honoring those he sent went truth and everyone else.
But today they are found in jail because of the jealousy of the Sadducees.. It sounds a lot like why Jesus was killed..

Miraculously released.. They obey the Angel who came to deliver them and preach the truth of this life to others.. openly.. despite what the government said.
They weren’t afraid or ashamed and when held accountable it was said there were many men who went before them and came to nothing.. watch and don’t fight.. for you may very well be fighting against God himself…


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