Have you found your “but” yet

So let’s dialogue..there’s no doubt  2Kings 5:1-16… tells us 5 great attributes of this man named Naaman..but then it springs one major thing on us..

From the outward it looks like everything is going well..Looks like this guy has got it all together…The bible isn’t trying to take away from the fact that Naaman is a great man..outwardly..after all…everyone around him notices his greatness..he capitalizes on his strengths..but when he goes home something is eating away at his flesh…There were many lepers in Israel  at that time….that Elisha did not cleanse..why this man??

Obviously God had allowed his condition..just as He allowed Moses speech impediment..but he was still great in the eyes of Pharoah and all of Israel..

It’s significant that these men were both honorable and gracious…they were lifted up because the Lord alone gave them victories..it says clearly..the Lord gave the victories…but ….also allowed a  discrepancy!

One the Lord knew about..one he allowed..Why weren’t these things dealt with before these men were taken to places of great notoriety ..why weren’t these things dealt with before they could climb the scale of success. These men in the bible held great positions..Even Elijah became suicidal at one point after a great victory..how did these men even deal with these  things..

After it mentions all of Naaman’s success..it mentions….a fault…Not a little fault at all..this disease was like AIDS …it was a “Killer” the people who contracted this died of it..but it almost would appear to be a contradiction..you see if a person got leprosy most the time it was because God allowed that to happen and they had committed some sin that He was given a consequence for …I hadn’t seen anyone walking uprightly before the Lord and in right relationship with Him that contracted this disease…

Naaman was #1 A commander- he was a captain…Now, this I say on the hills of watching a movie today called Saving Private Ryan…It was a movie I had to watch for school…And I honestly didn’t like it..I’m not a wartime movie type person but this would be perfect for this comparison..In the movie there was a captain whose name was Captain Miller..Tom Hanks played his part..and it was truly a hard job..he led the troops into battle and gave the most orders.. I felt sometimes more than the sergeant.. This was amazing..because I think of Naaman now as being a captain in the place of this man…who ironically had his hands shake …it was a form of some deficiency..i don’t know what that meant but his right hand was always shaking..for some reason..He sat aside many times when the other soldiers weren’t watching and cried but in front of them ..he always had to be on guard..He always had to be up and on top..there was no time for exposing flaws.. A captain was a leader or a prince..

More than this #2 Naaman held rank in the sight of his master…This means he even looked good in the sight of his superiors..now this is difficult because in a war noone is more notable than another..men die every day..and it’s hard to distinguish which because there are so many platoons and battalions it was hard to even decipher whose who by name..but this guy was known by the one above him with an honorable rep..not only this ..#3 in the eyes of others he was highly respected…That’s something to applaud..it’s rare to find favor with those above you but sometimes even more rare to find favor with those beneath and around you when you have rank..some decisions you make don’t please everyone..but he was respected for one reason…
He got the job done..He won many victories…

Now here’s the part that made me scratch my head..Naaman is a Syrian..he is not an Israelite.The bible text doesn’t imply that he even has relationship with the Lord God..It just gives attributes and said he had this favor for one reason alone..the Lord had given him grace and favor to win many battles …the man was Valiant….He was strong, he was mighty…he carried himself as a powerful man…
there’s something to that….

Because the next part of the text says…He was a leper…

He had to have a lot of good self talk going on behind closed doors..Who behind closed doors suffers with the fact that there’s a disease eating away his body then comes out every day as though nothing is going on carrying himself so well..no one would ever notice unless they got close enough…
Because he had favor with the king a letter was sent to this prophet they heard could cure him..His master knew his struggle..How real is that…the master knew ..his boss knew what his struggle was..whose that bold to expose their but to those over them..well, this is exactly what Naaman does..he exposes his weak side to the one over him whom he believes at this point can help him.. and he tries his best..sending men to Elisha with an order to heal this guy! They had been willing to pay a great deal to see him healed..

Now let’s take a side bar and thank God for this kind of favor just for a moment..

His boss gave him a huge bonus in sending 10 t talents of silver and 6 thousand shekels of goal and also 10 changes of clothes..even today that’s a lot..this wasn’t from his own salary this was how much the king wanted to see his captain healed..and when Naaman makes it to Elisha another flaw is exposed..PRIDE!

My question is..how was this man allowed by God to make it to a position of such prominence without having dealt with these issues..yet they show up now..

When we get to certain levels of our lives and positions our inward qualities are always exposed..and whether we’ve worked on them in the dark or not comes to light at that point..and it could be ugly or it could be a glorious moment..

I’m wondering today are you working on those hidden little issues..I mean maybe it’s not as big as Leprosy..your not dealing with a cancer eating up the inside of your body and it’s not showing outwardly yet..but it’s something nevertheless that if it ever showed up outwardly had the potential to kill everything you have attained for yourself..

Don’t be afraid to go before our King the Prophet and Son of the Living God..the Christ..He has power to heal you of it..don’t be afraid to expose your fault in the midst of your great voice..give Him the fact that your lustful..inspite the fact that you preach the people under the pew on Sunday’s will you admit your greedy and need help letting go of money…Inspite the fact that your a CEO of a company that’s fortune 500 will you admit you wrestle with suicidal issues and need help with your anxiety that keeps you up at night..let’s take all our little things to the Master and see them be healed..even if they mean we have to do some things we don’t like..For Naaman it was hearing the instructions from a servant and having to do something to him that was beneath him…Be willing to be obedient …even if it just looks like something that will make others laugh at you.When your healed people won’t laugh..I promise!



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