Happy meal mentality!

Once there was a little girl who begged and pleaded with her parents…”All I want is a happy meal she cried” If you just get me this happy meal..I promise you won’t have to worry about me asking for anything else..I won’t bring up boys, I won’t ask you to pay any sports fees when I go to high school..You won’t have to worry about me ever asking for anything else..if you just get me this…”Happy meal” I promise this is ALL I want..”
Sad thing is…not even a week later..she like us…have set our sites on something else..that one thing we thought would fulfill us when we got it..whether it was the marriage, then we wanted the children…whether it be the job, then you want the promotion..whether it is the house…then you need to remodel..It’s always seemingly something else..

This morning when I went to work, I watched one of my co-workers in my department walk to another co-workers desk and give her 2 mirrors..she’d only asked for one..and another co-worker in my department had already bought her one..she asked for this last week…In my calculations..she had 3 mirrors..so I asked her for 1…just one..Not that I wanted a mirror..I just wanted to spark up conversation..she told me to never consider her a kind or giving person..and she would never be so nice as to share..

About an hour later..I told her you know I will nag you until you give it to me..she reminded me that she has 4 children and she can deal with nagging..my point in that even though she did say she would “bring me one tomorrow” was that we live in a society that says “Me, me, me and mine.” I get all I can…and can all I get..as for you..I don’t care if you split! We are not content with just enough..we always seem to need more than enough..since we are a consumer society..we love to heap up and gather more and more things…

Many times I would see this nice little quote on people’s shirts, as bumper stickers on their cars and even more I would see it hang in picture frames on walls and people would quote it all the time..but I really doubt that anyone knows the real meaning behind it…

The famous little saying goes…”I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me” We make that such a blanket statement and like to tack it on to every thing….we say we can jump off a building with a parachute on for we can do all things through Christ..but the moral of the story in context is that Paul was saying…whether I’m in hunger or well fed…whether I have plenty or am in want..in other words…If I get the happy meal or not, if I get the marriage or not..if I get the degree or not..I have an all sufficient one within…And He is enough..Paul was saying he hadn’t always known it ..for he commented that he had “Learned”  a secret…that simply means everyone doesn’t know it..but he was willing to share it with us..here’s the secret…I can live in poverty and be content..I can be rich and be content..I can live in a bad marriage and be content and I can live in a blissful marriage and be content..I can live in not so good working conditions and that not control if I go to work with a smile…Because I’ve learned a secret..and it’s not as though I’ve attained…not hardly..I’ve just learned a secret..I can do all things through Christ who gives me Strength!


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