Level of Commitment testing!

In school we are given test…All sorts of test..some are standardized test…others are pop quiz…and there are other types of test that are un-standardized…in other words…some test are diagnostic, formative, benchmark and summative. Some test will decide if you go to the next grade, while others are just in so many words..unimportant.

But in order to survive and make it to your promotional exercise you must know the difference.
In college there were certain things we could do that wouldn’t gain us as many points..but there were other things we did..like midterms or finals that were in some ways determining factors..

In the chapter and text I studied today that’s what I saw God did to the tribe of Levi…God had tested the children of Israel at 2 different places..the waters of Massah and the waters of Meribah…but the only problem was ..they didn’t know these were only a test…
Don’t you wish every now and then in life..when someone happens someone would jump out of a bush and whisper to you…”This is only a test”

It was only a test for Abraham when he was asked to sacrifice his only son Isaac..it was only a test when Saul was asked to wait until Samuel arrived before sacrificing to the Lord…but we see clearly in this text that even Aaron failed a major test and so did Moses when asked to speak to the rock..he hit it 2 times…let’s get something clear there are some things we can do..that there’s a consequence we don’t bounce back from..For instance in the case of Esau…he despised his birth right and no amount of crying could get it back..But now at the end of the prophet Moses life..he was recounting when the Levites passed the test..and they sparkled in the sight of God, not even considering their own family members but only obedience to God’s word as utmost importance…

What about you…Will this testimony be yours today!??


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