There’s no place like home!

Do you remember those red shoes on “The Wizard of Oz”, Or what about the glass slipper in Cinderella…there was a key link to what was happening in each of these movies that were my childhood favorite …the shoes…

Now we know that in the “Wizard of Oz” Dorothy somehow got caught up in a whirlwind and she was taken away from the farm like atmosphere she lived in where she knew everyone and all was well..and she was taken to this place where there was an evil witch and a good one…or whatever those women were called..although she met some friends along the way…she was on a journey to get somewhere…Dorothy wanted to get home..She never got settled with where she was because she had a good friend in the tin man or the cowardly lion..she wasn’t putting any stake in them or making the things that were in that god-forsaken place what she clung to..throughout the movie..she clung to a hope..that one day..she’d get home..she searched for little links..clues throughout to see what would make her journey home happen safely and successfully…
It resembles a lot of what we as believers long for…At the end of the movie…She realized that the whole time…it was in those shoes she got from the wicked witch of the west! The fairy godmother figure said something so powerful toward the end…”Very have no power here”… Now we know of course the slippers had no power in real life..but the point it makes it still the same…

In the lives of believers..we search for this thing and that to fill our desire for home ..and sometimes  we get what we think is a taste of home..and it’s only temporary..there is a real home we will get to go to ..and that’s the place…..That’s the place we always long to be..


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