The Mind of Christ

This is a huge concept..Many people hold the view “Who can know God” It’s true when Job called himself challenging God, wanting to bring His case before the Lord…we hear God answer..and boy it certainly sounds like He’s a little angry..when He asks Job to after 38 chapters God starts to speak..and it makes Job put his hand over his mouth..realizing he thought he knew..but he had only heard of God up until this point when he actually experienced Him for himself..

God makes it clear He laid the earths foundation, Job was using “words without knowledge” and thought he could contend with God’s sovereignty in what He had allowed in Job’s life..There was one question that God asked Job that made me ponder it happened in Job 38:3-4…”Brace yourself while I question you, and see if you understand”… I paraphrased..but God really let’s Job have it..and it leaves the normal person wondering if they should ever even consider questioning such a marvelous God..and that’s where mama got her thought that “We ought not question God”

It is true He Himself said in Isaiah 55: 8-9 His ways and thoughts are HIGHER than a matter of fact as high as the heaven is from the earth…How can we contend with that..
That’s where this current study came up…

1 Cor 2:16….But we have the mind of Christ..

Let me sum this up with a bow very quickly..

Whenever we try to be God…we fail miserably..but when we are saved His Holy Spirit comes to live within us when we live a surrendered life, not for ourselves but for Him..We know that all things are working together for the good of them that love the Lord..them called according to His purpose..and we realize that because of Christ we live in a different error than Job or Isaiah…and now ….as Paul the apostle taught…we really do have the “mind of Christ”


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