Don’t be phased

So, I read an interesting passage today…I wanted to encourage someone.. Always count only what you have left..

This morning I was having a little hot tea and quiet time with my heavenly Father..

That’s when something was impressed on my heart to share here with you… Personally…

Don’t be phased by the events in your life.. Although sometimes they can seem defining, they are only preparing you for a future so bright you need shades..

This morning I was reading the popular passage in the book of 1…

We see Naomi, the start of the passage at this point.. She’s gone through great loss no doubt.. As a woman we live to experience that wedding day and then having our children.. But imagine if all that’s taken away.. After you’ve experienced the joys of it all.. She’d had the best life by many standards up until now.. They had a few set backs but they made it through.. ¬†together as a family..

Isn’t it always better to have a set back as a family.. Rather than by yourself.. But this one she thought.. She was the biggest.. After the death of that last son it appears something happened.. She viewed life differently..She viewed God differently.. Because she only saw him as good if the circumstances in her life were good at that moment…

Get a bigger view of life than your here and now..

Naomi started calling God unfaithful because of her turn of events..

She said he’d afflicted her…her complaint was he dealt bitterly with her.. And dear friends she wasn’t completely empty.. She hasn’t counted the daughter in law who wouldn’t leave her..

Sometimes it is best to view life as it is… From another perspective.. Higher than ours..

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