Speak the word only!

Have you ever noticed our culture is becoming more and more advanced by the year?

It used to be that if someone wanted to have a personal assistant they hired a person who would come and have their own separate little office, then whatever the person would say who had the “authority” or money to pay for the servant/ personal assistant..would simply ring a bell or pick up the phone or press a button, the person would come in and be “at their service” ..but today we live in an age of technology that we have things like Alexa..Oh you’ve heard of Alexa…she’s that artificially intelligent personal assistant.. Google created it..and all you have to do is “say the command” and wallah it’s done..The spiffy little device is word activated..it can only complete a request after the request is given..

This reminded me so greatly as I was inspired this morning by an amazing sermon..that the whole earth is word activated..There’s a law of confession.. If you say what God has said…if you believe what God has said in your heart..it is that “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed all you have to do is speak to a MOUNTAIN and see it move” I’m reminded of a story where a centurion came to Jesus ..and his servant was ill..He wanted Jesus to heal him..and even when Jesus said..I will come to see about him..He said something so powerful so amazing! I’m a person in authority..I’m not naive  to the game..I know that God created the heavens and the earth in the beginning using nothing but His word..and You are under His authority..Listen I too am a man under authority..and if I say to one servant do this He does it..and to another do that and he does it..so I know it is with you…Although I’m speaking of natural things..I know You have authority Jesus..for it is that ” at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow” He had enough faith to know that if Jesus only said a word…His SERVANT would be healed..and so it was …He spoke the word..and that very hour it happened…Imagine that… That servant said..”Speak the word only” and when Jesus spoke…realizing that we have the power of life and death in our tongue..realizing that we will give an account for every idle word we speak..realizing that we can speak things that be not as though they were..Be encouraged that just as Alexa can “turn off the lights” at your word..or it can “place an order for pizza” Or “tell you the weather outside” Just as your navigation system can be word activated and you can ask Siri a question because it is word activated…You have power to speak by faith…and see a mountain moved..
If your saying a lot of words..but they have no power behind them..realize that a curse without a cause is empty, that’s what it says in Proverbs..but if you are speaking the word Of God and believing it in your heart be advised there’s nothing more powerful than that in the earth…speak the word consistently and believe it in your heart without double-mindedness and just see what happens!


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