Working out my kinks

This morning I was in the midst of my normal Sunday Sabbath day homestyle routine washing, drying, folding, ironing, hanging and putting away clothes…it’s quite a job, but I set aside this time every Sunday to prepare for the whole work week.. Normally the process is pretty easy, painless, seamless even…not today….I decided that my closet had far too many clothes in it for me to limit myself to only wearing certain clothes. Why should I  have people think I don’t have many clothes but the ones I wear more and more when in fact I have a closet filled with clothes they’ve never seen, I figured, I bought them to wear them.that’s exactly what I plan to do….

That’s when…I got out those dreaded pants..the pretty ones..that had that tag on the inside..”Dry clean only”. Now I was married to a man who used frequent the dry cleaners, and he looked flawless everywhere he much as I dug that about them…The cleaners was never my favorite location to visit. I preferred to simply iron my own clothes and if I couldn’t do it…I wasn’t paying some extortionary have someone do to my clothes what I could do myself. I’d taken these pants several times in the past, I wasn’t pleased with the price nor what the pants looks like. See they were supposed to make them look like I just bought them off the rack for at the price they charged to clean them the truth is I could just have bought another pair…off the rack..

I said within myself…I’m gonna get these pants looking nice enough for me to wear them comfortably. I washed them and to be honest..they looked “Real Wrinkle”. Not just a little wrinkle, but it would most certainly take some time and “effort” to rid my pants of the problems they had lurking within..I started off just ironing them like regular pants.. But when I noticed that didn’t work, I was getting a little discouraged well I thought I’d try to  put some water in the iron and pressed that steam button and when I saw that wasn’t working, I thought to myself..’What will it take to get these wrinkles out’.. I mean these wrinkles are like made into the pants all of a sudden..It never takes this long to get a pair of pants ironed for me..I tried spraying starch on them and also pressing the steam button constantly…that didn’t work..but all the supplies I was using were working..what I was doing was what wasn’t working..
I continued to work at it..until I finally decided to try something else..Spraying a little extra starch just on the parts that had wrinkles a little harder to get out than others. When I would make those areas have a “wet area” for the iron to dry with the starch I saw the stains begin to come out..I smile and thought..Ha! I got it.. I know how to get these wrinkles out..these blemishes in the pants making them unfit to wear.
I remember when I was married, even though my husband would send the clothes to the cleaners from time to time, he was an excellent “presser” I mean he could iron some clothes like they came from the cleaners and you would’ve never know the difference..but he exerted effort..It wasn’t a time when he just stood there ironing nonchalantly, he was focused and sometimes I’d look at that poor ironing board and say to myself..”good lawd he’s gonna break it” it would look like he was going to push those clothes right down onto the floor as hard as he was pressing them onto that board with all that starch..

That’s when I noticed..It wasn’t until I applied a generous amount of starch along with some heat I was able to see the results I wanted. Boy, did those pants shine beautifully when I hit them just right in the problem areas with some solution and heat..

It reminded me of a verse..It’s found in Eph. 5:27

Jesus was saying that there will come a day..where we as the church being His bride will be presented before God…
But that means that   we have to be at our best, in our splendor.. Without the wrinkles and while we’re here on earth..there may be some moments we feel the heat is being turned up and we want to run from the board…we want to cool off just a moment..I’m sure the pain if the pants could feel it was excruciating.. the heat and the pressure I was applying was probably a bit much..but I got the result I wanted..and now I can put them on and wear them and they can represent me well..
People of God the only way we can represent Christ well is if He is allowed to get out of us those things that cause us to be a bad representation of Him!


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