As Flight Goes with the birds!

Are you connected to your real self? Have you seen half of what your capable of yet?
A few years ago, my children and I bought 2 parakeets..these were beautiful birds to look at…they are named Skylar and Tweetie..We loved them, but we kept them caged..We loved to look at them in the cage…and rarely let them out..When we bought them at the pet store their wings were clipped…but it wasn’t long before we decided that we would allow them out..We knew that there was no way those pretty birds weren’t created just to be pretty..they had a purpose other than eating the treats and seeds and drinking the water we sat in the crate…They had those wings for a reason.. the wings were built into them. Why were they so limited..since they could only fly for short periods in the crate..that wasn’t what they were created to do…
The first time we let them out..I believe they were in shock that they could fly so high..they weren’t chirping but at first it appeared they didn’t know what they were doing..running into walls and such…but before would catch them up on a chandelier…before long you could catch them up too high to reach them…and this …we knew was what they were created to do..after awhile they allowed us to pet them every now and then and would even come and let us hold them ….that was really sweet..but Just as we could put the bird outside the house..we could not kill the flight…it came with the bird…they may not have known how to master every thing about the gift right away..but the gift was ALWAYS there..So it is with us..When the creator God makes us..we eat have our own beautiful two people are created the same although it appears we all have a twin one is born with our DNA..and no one can be us as we are..

I am unique..My ability to pray is unique, my ability to write is unique, the way I love on others is laugh came with me…my hair even came with me..and there will never be another me..because my gifts…came with me…and they can not be duplicated!


As flight goes with the birds and my purpose goes with you have your own intrinsic value..have you found it yet?


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