Your gift will always look good on You!

This morning I was studying the life of David again..this was before he was king…I looked closely at his life… before he was king and saw that God didn’t just choose him out of the blue…David always has the gift of leadership and administration..this was why he was chosen..

I discovered that even when David despaired of life…when he was running from Saul..his gift was still drawing people to him..always remember this…people are drawn to your gift..and as long as you will be willing to serve that to the world you will always have a valuable position…where you operate in your gifting..


Even while David was living in a cave…I was most shocked to see that 400 men went to him..simply so he could lead them..when you are “that thing that you are” when you are wearing your never have to look for will most certainly come to you!


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