If you can…..

I am perplexed today with a major thought…
I’m getting foggy, so I need to share this before I lose it…
We as believers don’t recognize or utilize the authority that has been given us nearly as often as we should..or could for that matter..

I was reading a passage of scripture today that had me leaping in my heart.. the question was…”If you can..” It was Jesus and He was speaking to a man who had a son who was “demon possessed” they had given the boy a label…called him epilepsy…but Jesus knew what it really was they were facing…The boy was taken to the disciples who couldn’t heal him…I wish I could labor on my thoughts on this……I’m really jumping in my seat…The man went looking for Jesus ..the best he found was His disciples…and they couldn’t do it..
People of God we are supposed to be representatives…The truth is..God wanted to heal that boy, and Jesus didn’t rebuke the father for coming..but He did rebuke the disciples…He called them a faithless…even unbelieving..
The man said to Jesus…if you can…do anything for my son..that would be nice…Jesus responded…If you can….. only believe and all things become possible..ALL emphasis are mine…but here’s my point..The disciples were supposed to be able to do it.. and they knew they were called to the carpet on it.. so they went to Jesus later and said..”Why? Why couldn’t we do it?” Jesus had already answered that question in front of the man..but they still didn’t get it..Jesus was saying in so many words…”GET A GRIP! CATCH ON ALREADY” They had an issue of unbelief…they didn’t have to do any extra works like fasting and prayer…that was only to help their unbelief…If that were the case everyone they healed would have needed fasting in prayer…Let us go to the next level as believers..for if we Can…But Believe!!!>All things will become possible to us!!


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