Putting God First

Have you ever heard people say…”I put God first” when you ask them a question.. For instance you may ask How did you become so rich…and they say…”Well, I honored/put God first” This could mean they tithed with their money or gave to the poor or gave to missions at the church before they spent anything on themselves or for any other necessities…but either way they are acknowledging God in this particular area of life..Or what about those married couples that have been married 55 years and you ask them…How did you all stay married so long?? they don’t say..Well, you know couples in our day didn’t believe in divorce..this new generation is something else…no there’s something they acknowledge had to be constant…They say they “we put God first” in their marriage..as a concerted effort they are saying this is what will work for you..WE didn’t put our riches or our marriage before God…we put God above it…

Jesus says in such an amazing passage that we are to seek first His kingdom and all it’s righteousness and all these things would be added unto us..I think this is where these people lodge their claim…

They are saying that…in effect without me putting God in the forefront I would not have seen this moment when you get to ask me this question…

Now think with me for a moment about our society today…Every body who receives an award goes up and first says…”First I want to thank God for my success” And that could mean many things…you probably listened to their album or watched thier lifestyle and heard about them in the tabloids and said to yourself..this can’t possibly be right..Which God are they first honoring…For if they had any relationship with Yahweh God They wouldn’t be cussing and talking such foolery in their songs …or lifestyle.. it is true to put God first means this is what you are ultimately going after..

Let me tell you something ….Putting God first can be seen in this worldly example… Let’s say there’s a single mother, she is trying to rear up her children and her first goal is to provide for their needs.. this drives everything she does… Because her children are first it generates everything else she does, just as for the gang banger, robbing someone is their goal for the day because they are after one thing money..that’s the thing they are seeking above all else..so just as the mother gets up each morning when she doesn’t feel like it and when she does and she sacrifices to be at all the events with her children…and to do all she can to keep a roof over a head..she had a noble goal..and that’s what she wants to accomplish and it dictates all the decisions she makes…as a good mother…

So it is when we seek God’s kingdom first it dictates everything else we do because it is first…over and above all else..As the mother who gets up each day and goes to work and pays the bills and whatever she does affects her children..so it is with putting God first..He becomes the reason for everything else we do..and if we don’t see Him as purpose behind what we are doing.. we have ceased to keep Him in His proper position and have become like the world..
Every decision should be dictated by that which you honor and value most…so if that is God…Every decision is filtered through His philosophy not yours.. I believe that we should seek First His Kingdom..for if we get that first button right..all the others will follow suit..and we will be well prepared for each day we live!


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