When Enemies Become Footstools

This morning I felt compelled to write regarding what I studied in my quiet time..although many mornings I’m awake and in the world before the break of day..and there’s always something wonderful that comes out of that time…It’s my personal date time with God..and some things He shares that are truly amazing I keep to my self..while other things I tweet throughout the day…

This was one of those moments I felt impressed to share in hopes this will bless someone..

Is there anything in your life that seems too big for you to overcome on your own…get that in your mind..Just think through this..do you need anything to be bought down to a size where you can walk on top of it as opposed to it lurking over you..

David had such a situation in the text I read on this morning. I’d just finished the story of Nabal and Abigail..and saw how God stretched out Nabal on behalf of David, even though David intended to raise his hand against this man an all his men..God took care of that enemy immediately..but there was yet another…more powerful, more significant enemy that David had to contend with almost daily. From living in his father’s lavished house where he could go out and come in as he pleased shepherding the sheep, to the palace playing his harp for the king..right up to killing a lion, a bear and a philistine champion David is now on the run for his life from a king who has position but no power..Ever had some situation like that in your life. It appears that this thing/person has the last say..but they really have no power at all unless power if given from God.

Well, there had been several occasions Saul left the lavished comfort of his palace with ALL his fighting men to pursue a man who didn’t even care to harm him..

And on occasions even though God would never turn David over to Saul….it was apparent God was favoring David in this context..

Put a pin there..I wanted to tell you..there’s nothing like God’s favor!

David had opportunities to hard the man who was literally chasing him to harm him, but he chose against putting his hands on the Lord’s anointed..

Put a pin there… how good are you about not putting your mouth or pen on authority or others who seems to be out to harm you?

This time I’m reading 1 Sam 26 and we can clearly see that God has did it again..He puts Saul clean into David’s hand and Saul and ALL his 3,000 men are literally like footstools under David’s feet, that David could have chosen either way and walked away unscathed…because He was a man of war…not that little boy his brother criticized for coming out to the battle against Goliath to check on them and bring food…David was a warrior..but he also was a man after God’s own heart..and because of this his enemies were made his footstool…even though it wasn’t as fast as with Nabal…David predicted that Saul would die at some point, either by old age, in battle or some other way at the Lord’s hand as with Nabal…the Lord struck him down..David realized there was a reason Saul was staying alive..and however long God wanted he was okay…
Put a pin there and let’s have a side bar as I close…
David was willing to run for his life some more..instead of just killing his enemy…How many of us are willing to do that…As opposed to having guilt on his hand..He took the water jub and spear..and called King Saul on it..but this man was in no way trying to harm his king..we should learn a lesson from this since we have seen by this example if we have ¬†God’s favor the king can’t harm us anyway regardless of his position..he had no power!


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