Who does that?

Remember that movie Les Miserables…I relished in that one scene when the thief Jean Valjean  breaks in and steals the silver from the priest..

Did you notice that in the scene the man wakes up…and walks into the room and sees the thief…he looks him directly in the eye…and Jean actually slaps him.

He wakes the next day as though nothing happened..
Personally, I would have been offended..but not this man..something was quite remarkable about him..
It was only right for him to require justice as the man was caught..but knowing what had happened with the police ready and willing to do justice…The priest looks him in the eye being apprehended by the authorities and says..”You forgot these candle sticks they were most expensive”
Who gives away more of what’s valuable to a thief who has robbed them??

This story reminds me of so many things I could make commentary on right now..but the mercy and the grace of the priest..everyone knows that this is a crime deserving a penalty..and possibly of death, but at least jail time. After all this man is as a commoner…and the priest well, at least he has status..but the man of status forgives..and he releases someone who offends him greatly…even violently assaults him..

Would you let it go?? Would you have done this..Just a thought?
Do you know anyone who has?


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