Pictures of children

Last week my children bought home their school pictures, I looked at them and thought they were really cool..So, I went and bought frames for them and not only did I hang the 8 by 10’s in the living room…I put the 5 by 7’s into frames and took them to work to put on my desk..You heard right..I didn’t take the wallet sized ones or the 4 by 6 that would be too small and everyone that passed my desk wouldn’t see it..They had to be noticeable..they are pics of my children..

When people would pass they would make comments …”Look how cute”, “They’re getting big aren’t they”, “they look just like you” You know those comments that make you smile…but then there’s that one person that stops you and wants to have a conversation about your children..that happened this morning..One of my co-workers stopped and said…”So these are your little ones who are still home with you..and this is the infamous Benjamin…..heyyy Benjamin” she said with a smile..I started to tell her how proud I was of them.. they are taking the Staar test this week, but they are doing great..And this one’s on the honor roll and that one is playing basketball and he made a lot of points last week and made player of the week..

Let me tell you nothing brings joy to a parents heart and brightens their face more than talking about their children…they suddenly become assets…Even when our children are younger, we don’t complain about how tired we are from being up all night..we want the cute picture of them walking for the first time..that’s where we build memories…

Beloved…Our Father is the same way with us..If He had a wallet I’m certain He’d have all our pictures in it.. Picture it, He calls Gabriel to Himself and says..Take a look at my son/daughter…and Gabriel says something like..”Yes Lord I’ve seen them 20 times today” Just as we like to make mention of the good things our children do and not really the bad..God is that way with us. He’s not constantly rehearsing the things you’ve done wrong..A parent wants to show everyone their children because of one reason..They’re their children, and they love them, and they want everyone else to know it..

I look at my children’s pics periodically throughout the day…and it reminds me of how our names are written in the Father’s hand. Our names are written in His book of life if we have accepted Him, and He loves us unconditionally, I see my children and think..look at how mature your it doesn’t mean your perfect but my I remember you from when you were so small you could fit in the palm of my hands…and here you are…growing up, and sometimes it’s really neat when you start seeing your resemblance in them and you know your children were placed here to live your legacy and it’s worth the investment.


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