That’s not in the bible!

Have you ever heard someone say:
“The bible says, God helps those who help themselves” or “if you take one step He’ll take 2″ Sayings like this have really been prevalent, and the sad thing is most people believe the bible actually said..”Money is the root of all evil” When in fact if you read the text it actually says: “The love of money is the root of evil” We like to say those famous man made quotes, you know the ones that are no where in the bible like..”Spare the rod spoil the child” Some of these things we’ve even taught our children having no real understanding of what they mean..Come on, don’t we say lots of things we take at face value as truths that are not truths at all..We seem to accept things too easily for instance the saying that “People will forget what you did but not how you made them feel” What you did made them feel the way they did.. And what about this one.. “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” Well, when I was younger I knew my parents cared about me..but I still didn’t care how much they knew..

Is there a possibility that the things we thought we absolutely knew was either incomplete or totally wrong?  How can you know what those things are unless we are opened to gain more understanding than what we currently have.


Although sometimes there are principles.. That work every time, whether you give them a scripture verse and a text or not. There are some things we should do further research on.


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