How I endure…..

In our world…I mean the world we live in right now…We scarcely like to think we are “blessed”.  But then again…don’t we call everything “Blessed”, take the general greeting…”How are you today?” “Chile I’m blessed and highly favored” we like to reply. But we think “blessed” means trivial things like..We got the good parking spot up front at the mall that day it was completely packed and we didn’t want to walk in that heat at the grocery store, so we were blessed that we had that parking spot…We don’t count the  fact that we have clean running water, “a blessing”, while there are those in other countries dying for lack of it..We normally don’t think of ourselves as blessed if we have a roof over our head with carpeted floors and central air for summer and central heat for winter..We normally don’t count ourselves blessed when we live to see another day and we have health and strength to hit the gym…I don’t think we think through the math when we are able to go and buy groceries and fill our pantries with food for the week or even month, while there’s someone sleeping under a bridge somewhere in our cities..We tend not to think much about the safety of our children…Although real blessing isn’t found in things at all..
While the truth of the matter is, right around us…in our own city, state or even community.. some little child is being sold into trafficking and used as a sex toy because the PARENT wanted “Drug”  money..not a stranger sold and kidnapped them but their parent, and what of the parent’s that would tie their children up to a backyard fence with a dog chain link..Their are real atrocities going on all around us…like what of the person in the hospital tonight on their last leg and their parents or siblings or children are praying for a miracle healing from the cancer or organ failure…and what of those who don’t have the luxury of going home and sleeping in their own bed tonight, they can’t go behind their own boundary called a door, lock it with a key and walk away and not worry about their things being taken..their under the bridge and all they have is that bag, while we are bragging on our 30th pair of shoes.

As we watch those few in the “top percentile” that are “smarter than others” get all they can, can all they get and many once they get their can, on their cans they’ll sit… We watch the atrocities of a society that is cold and brutal and not willing to be kind, fair, or give mercy or patience and we lack forgiveness and take offense at any little word someone says… There’s pain all around us…I heard on the news last week someone was simply driving their car and in a tussle for a spot on the road now people are pulling out guns and shooting drivers in the head. Where has the respect for human life gone, the love for one another seems to be waxing cold and it’s hard to think about anyone but ourselves as we watch others suffer around us we make excuses about why they should have saved better or made better choices…or prepared well…As we watch Isis which is a spirit of evil strike again and again..we don’t try to kill the spirit of evil with the spirit of love.we simply try to snuff out this person or that group thinking that will stop the spirit behind it..


I make no comments about these things because my focus is in a different place..I’ve set my affections on a higher plane. I know that sounds really crazy, the young girl at Columbine was killed and many others because they simply set their affections on something higher…something they were willing to die for..There’s a crown..they call it the crown of righteousness..and what of the one who endures until the end. The one whose love doesn’t wax cold, who doesn’t stop fighting for justice in a perverted political and educational system, what of the one who stands up to make a difference and be a trail blazer, the one who has higher values and is bold enough to say something about it. What of the person who says I want to stop trafficking so let’s start a movement, because in all essence…ALL LIVES DO MATTER…Black, White, Brown, Red, Green, Blue…whatever you want to call it…if there’s a person dying of cancer…they matter, if there’s  a person being gun down in the street they matter, if there’s a child whose being abused by their parent so badly they have no self esteem and no hope they matter..if there’s a loveless judge or lawyer who takes bribes the person who was innocent he ruled against…they matter.. We used to have parents just leave their babies outside in dumpsters or on others footstools but these days they are drowning and killing them…yes, we have an eye opening reality where laws are being  made my grandparents would have never imagined..

When I say I set my affections on things above, it doesn’t mean I do means I know where the ultimate answer lies. This world is not my home, the days I live are going to be few I live them the best I can and with all the joy I can no matter the circumstance.. but how I endure is I have a set focus a ready aim..on a crown …that will endure forever!


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